A Historic First: GEMS Modern Academy's Alumnus is India’'s first Unicorn in 2023

A Historic First: GEMS Modern Academy's Alumnus is India’s first Unicorn in 2023

Aadit Palicha


We are thrilled to announce the incredible achievement of our alumnus Aadit Palicha (Batch of 2020) whose e-commerce company, Zepto, has achieved Unicorn status in India, marking a monumental milestone in his entrepreneurial journey.

Aadit's journey to success is nothing short of inspiring. During an unexpected gap year brought about by the challenges of Covid-19, he demonstrated exceptional resilience and innovation. While he chose to take a gap year from Stanford, his foundation at Modern proved to be an invaluable asset on his path to success.

This school topper with a perfect IB Diploma Programme score of 45, kickstarted his journey into innovation and business right here at Modern. His first venture, the GoPool carpooling app, showcased his budding entrepreneurial spirit. Building upon this, he ventured into Kirana Kart, setting the stage for the incredible success that was to follow.

Now, with Zepto reaching Unicorn status with over a Billion USD in investments, Aadit has achieved incredible personal success. Modern's enriched curriculum focuses on key competencies such as design thinking, entrepreneurship, business acumen, financial literacy, and innovation which plays a pivotal role in nurturing holistic development among all our students.

Aadit's story is a shining example among the many success stories that continue to emerge from Modern. Other student entrepreneurs like Kushal Sodum, Rohit Vivek, Masoom Mehta, Trisha, Agarwal, Shreyas Sharma, Mayuri Raje and Farheen Qadri (to name a few) have received seed-funding from Dubai Next, Dubai Police and Emirates NBD for successful entrepreneurial and innovative ventures. While others like Vishweswar Eswaran, Raunak Panoly, Varun Nayanar, Pranjal Pandey, Shrey and Parin Sethi, Teertha Satish and Siya Ghokle continue to do us proud by representing india and the UAE on the world stage and breathing life into our vision statement ‘Inspiring Children to Be Positive Change-Makers’.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Aadit Palicha for this phenomenal accomplishment! His journey is an inspiration to us all, and we couldn't be prouder of this young man. Here's to a future filled with more achievements, innovations, and impactful contributions!

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