Pastoral Care

With a view to foster a competitive spirit among its students, all students are divided into various 'houses'. A number of inter-house events that fill the calendar year cover the gamut of all sporting and literary activities. These activities become the ground work for competition at a higher level. The House System at Dubai Modern High School helps to inculcate a spirit of cooperation, healthy competition and develop loyalty both to the House and to the School. Each House is headed by a Captain, who works under the guidance of House Teachers.

The students are divided into four houses named after constellations. They are-

Aquila House

Which is represented by the Eagle. The House Colour is Yellow. The motto of the House is “Do All Things Well.” Soaring on the wings of persistence and self-confidence, the students learn to build foundations that strengthen the bonds of friendship and improve individual effort and team spirit.

Cygnus House

Which is represented by the Swan. The House Colour is Red. The motto is “To Labour is to Pray.” Just as a swan faces difficulties of life with serenity and dignity, the students learn to face everyday challenges with grace and poise.

Orion House

Which is represented by the Hunter. The House Colour is Green. Students learn that in idea to make an ideal a reality, the qualities of a Hunter should be an integral part of their lives. Their obstacles can be overcome and dreams realized if they follow the House motto, “Labour through Faith.”

Pegasus House

Which is represented by the Winged Horse. The House Colour is Blue. The motto of the House is “Reach for the Stars.” With this as the guiding force, the students are committed to constantly strive for excellence. For them, the sky is the limit.

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