Student Leadership


Excellence is not just an act but a habit. ‘Excellena’ our school’s motto is imbibed by every Modernite in their journey as Modern believes leadership and learning are inseparable from each other.


The Holacracy Approach

Modern’s Student Leadership model for Grades 8, 11 and 12 has been replaced by the Holacracy approach. This allows all students equal opportunity, resources, support and me to develop their key leadership skills by driving meaningful ideas that impact groups or communies posively. Holacracy looks to do away with managing from the top-down and gives individuals and teams more control over processes. In place of rigid role structure and fixed responsibilies, PODs opt to take on one or more roles at any given me and have flexibility to move between teams and roles if they have skills or insights that would prove beneficial to the group and student community.

Shared and Collaborative Leadership

Shared and collaborative leadership have long been recognized as important features of high performing teams. In the Holacracy leadership model, the group leader pushes forward the purpose of the group by enabling each student (designated Pledge officer on Duty-POD) to chart a personal course.

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