ICSE / ISC Pathway

GEMS Modern Academy is affiliated to the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE), New Delhi, India and follows the prescribed curriculum of the CISCE in preparing students for the ICSE examination (grade 10) in the Secondary School and ISC examination (grade 12) in the Senior School.

The delivery of the curriculum in the middle school (grades 6-8) is an infusion of CISCE regulations with internationally renowned best known 21st Century practices in teaching and learning. Planned activities within the curriculum enable students to identify their strengths, skills and ambitions so they may make informed choices that are best suited for them.

Vital Information

And Guidance

Students receive vital information and guidance (in grade 8) on learning options and routes of progression through different subject choices for Grades 9 and 10 at the ICSE level and later in Grade 11 and 12.

A Rigorous

ICSE & ISC Curriculum

A rigorous ICSE and ISC curriculum prepares students with strong concepts and thorough knowledge base. This ensures that they gain access into the best universities and academic programs around the world.

Developing Your

Leadership Qualities

Striking a balance between academics and co-curricular activities is important and key in sustaining the holistic development ethos at Modern. We put a concerted effort to raise the standards of student performance at this level supplemented with interesting opportunities to participate in a range of activities for students to develop their talents and leadership qualities in a safe environment.


And Development

Emphasis is placed on the development of a spirit of collaboration and leadership in our students including social outreach and there are multiple avenues for students to explore and experience.


Holacracy Model

The world is changing and the educational institutions too find themselves at the brink of exciting movements that reflect the changes taking place around us. In a world of partnerships, joint ventures, outsourcing and complex supply chains, leaders need to be able to deliver results by working inter-dependently. In short, one of the key attributes of the successful modern leader is his or her ability to lead collaboratively.

Activities for

Curriculum  Enrichment (ACE)

The UAE National Innovation Strategy aims to promote innovation in the education sector through enhanced curricula, and creative teaching methods and techniques, that equip students with knowledge and skills that are necessary for them.


Innovation Advantage

The UAE National Innovation Strategy aims to promote innovation in the education sector through enhanced curricula, and creative teaching methods and techniques, that equip students with knowledge and skills that are necessary for them. With exponential technologies becoming part of our daily lives, it is important for our learners to be aware of how they will co-exist with these technologies to chart their own future.

Proud to be a

Round Square School

Round Square is a network of 200 like-minded schools in 50 countries across six continents. The member schools connect and collaborate in diverse world-class programmes and experiences, which contribute in developing global competence, character and confidence in the students inculcating in them 21st century skills.

  • Subjects in the I.C.S.E

    Grade 6

    Arabic, English Language, English Literature, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Hindi/French/Malayalam, Computers, PE, Music, Value Education, Library, Art, Moral Education, UAE Social Studies, Islamic Education (only for Muslim students)

  • Grades 7 and 8

    Arabic, English Language, English Literature, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Geography, Hindi/French/Malayalam, Music, Computers, PE, Value Education, Library, UAE Social Studies, Moral Education, Islamic Education (only for Muslim students)


  • Grades 9 and 10

    a. Science and Computer Applications will only be available to those students who secure a qualifying percentage of 65% and above in Science and Computer Studies in the year’s Average of Grade 8.

    b. Projects / Assignments in all 6 Subjects are to be prepared in Grade 9 (assessed internally) and again in Grade 10 (assessed internally and externally).

    c. As per the Ministry of Education’s requirement, all students are required to study Arabic as an additional subject in Grade 9, All Muslim students must be enrolled in Islamic Education, Moral Education (up till grade 12) and UAE Social Studies (grade 9)

    d. Names of students, as they will appear on the ICSE Certificates, must be certified by you.

    e. The allocation of students in class section will be determined based on their choice of second language and group 3 subject.

    f. Promotion to Grade 10 will be granted to students who attain a pass (40%) in at least FIVE subjects, which must include English, and a minimum of 30% marks in the other subjects in Grade 9.

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