Our Innovation Advantage

The UAE National Innovation Strategy aims to promote innovation in the education sector through enhanced curricula, and creative teaching methods and techniques, that equip students with knowledge and skills that are necessary for them. With exponential technologies becoming part of our daily lives, it is important for our learners to be aware of how they will co-exist with these technologies to chart their own future.

An Array

Of Programmes

An array of programs such as Souq Days, Challenge-based Learning, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program, Innovation Mela, Project Prism etc. as some some of the vehicles our students have to bring out a problem solver within themselves.



Provision of appropriate education technology, purpose designed labs augment what we aim our students to know. Our partnerships with industry helps us create experiences for our students that lead to their real live development with hands on opportunities.

Dubai SME


We are the first and only school to have Dubai SME licensed, Hamdan Incubation Center on the school premises. This opens up a host of opportunities for our students including crowdfunding for their projects.

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