The Revive Project

Over the years, students, staff and parents of Modern have been conscious of the choices they make and their contribution towards using resources of the planet in a responsible manner. Back in 2017, students implemented recycling drive to ensure that the electronic waste was disposed of in a responsible manner. They called it ‘recycle’! At around this time, the CEO of Praxis Advertising, who is also a parent of two children, both alumni of Modern, had a conversation with his younger child who was studying at Modern at that time. They came up with the idea of bridging the gap between people who buy a lot of electronics and people who need basic electronics. The idea was make electronics accessible to all by re-purposing old devices that were just stored at homes. This would not only reduce the monetary burden of purchasing a new device but would also reduce electric waste. 

Electronic devices that are of no use to community members are collected, cleaned of all data and made ready for use for anyone who needs it. Devices that cannot be used are disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner with the help of other partner organizations.  

During the same month, we came to know from our school Operations Manager that a few support staff had their children ready to enter college and were in need of laptops back home in India. The first cycle of our re-purposed devices were handed out to 25 members support staff of GEMS Modern Academy. One of the members who was the beneficiary of this, reported that the laptop had benefitted the child immensely. 

Recently, a teaching assistant was going to drop her child to college and was in need of a laptop. This too was provided thanks to the brilliant initiative, The Revive Project. 

Post its launch in 2017, Revive has re-purposed 95 laptops, 26 tablets, 225 mobile phones and responsibly disposed of close to 3.5 tons of electronic waste.  

This year the Revive Program is reaching out to 5 more schools and is adding a game based approach. The Revive Ninja program is already being piloted to encourage community based positive competition, to raise awareness and recycle/repurpose electronic products. 

An idea can change your life! 

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