Dr. Nour Atta Ribhi Abuateyh

Senior Supervisor - Arabic

Dr. Nour Abuateyh is a dedicated and dynamic educator with a strong academic background. Holding a doctorate in leadership and policies and a master's degree in education management, Dr. Abuateyh possesses a wealth of knowledge in educational leadership and administration.

With a passion for positive change in education, Dr. Abuateyh is adept in leadership, training, and research. Having gained extensive international experience, she has a deep understanding of both the British curriculum and the International Baccalaureate (IB) program.

Dr. Abuateyh has demonstrated exceptional leadership skills by successfully heading the language acquisition department for five years. She has also served as a qualified workshop leader for seven years, contributing to professional development within the education community. An expert in assessments design, Dr. Abuateyh brings valuable skills to the table for effective educational program evaluation. With a commitment to excellence, she is dedicated to fostering a positive and enriching learning environment for students and educators alike.

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