Mohammad Inkishaf

Senior Supervisor - Islamic

I joined GEMS Modern Academy 29 years ago on 2nd September 1990 as an Arabic /Islamic Education teacher in the Primary section and was very excited to start my learning journey with Modern.

I am a graduate in Arabic literature and Islamic Shariah, and postgraduate in Islamic Shariah and Sciences with 30 years of work experience in teaching Islamic Education and Arabic. I also hold a teaching approval from Ministry of Education- Dubai Educational Zone since 1990, and Obtained approval from KHDA to teach Islamic Education and Arabic language to non-Arabs in June 2015 after passing written and oral assessments.

I was made Head of the Department of Islamic Education in 2003 and was appointed Supervisor for Arabic/ Islamic Education in 2015 to date. I have attended a number of professional development workshops, leadership programs and training courses conducted by the Ministry of Education, GEMS Education and Tellal Institute.

I created a booklet “Basic Knowledge of Islam” for young Muslim children to be equipped with the basic and essential knowledge about their religion, basic Aqeedah-faith, Islamic etiquette and manners,daily supplications and Seerah – the life of prophet Muhammad (PBUH). I Modified and enriched the MOE Islamic curriculum with Memorization of the Holy Quran, Hadeeth, and Du’a for each Grades (1-12).

I have organized Islamic assemblies, events, UAE National Day celebrations, Iftar evening, educational trips and celebratory week to promote awareness about Islamic values and Arabic culture in the school community. I also initiated Arabic Classes for parents in 2016, and an annual Inter-School Islamic festival (Deenona Hub’bun Wa-Salaam) from 2017 onwards.

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