Judy Mendes

Assistant Head, Primary and Supervisor - Grade 5

Judy joined GEMS Modern Academy in August 1989 as a Primary Teacher. Completing 30 years of her service to GEMS she is a committed and passionate educator who has had the privilege of working under 5 Principals at Modern.

An ambassador of the school, Judy cares deeply about the wellbeing of teaching, administrative, support staff and students at ‘her Modern family’. Her role extends in engaging parents to be more involved in their child’s education. She motivates staff to adapt to the changing educational environment, empowers them to take on new roles and responsibilities and has thereby developed an effective staff force.

Working closely with the Deans Department on administering and analyzing National Agenda parameter tests to Grade 4 students, Judy ensures teachers and students are supported to raise the benchmark. She is an invaluable asset to the Head Primary and the Primary Years Programme Coordinator in Modern’s transition to IB’s PYP.

Judy shoulders all administrative and pastoral needs of the Primary school. She has an in- depth understanding and is committed towards the protection and safe guarding of young people. A people’s person who works selflessly for the school, Judy is much loved by the parent community of Modern.

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