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Family of Modern

‘Family of Modern’ is a parent representative group that is forward thinking and instrumental in guiding and encouraging the school with the views and concerns of the larger parent body. They serve as a link between the school and parents with the aim of making Modern a progressive and forward thinking school. They help in fostering academic, social, cultural and physical development thus preparing children to take their place in the world. 

The group consists of 17 members – one from each grade across the school. FOM members are selected from the pool of Class Council members who served in the previous year. The members hold term over one academic year. Meetings are held every month during which suggestions received are considered. Monthly meetings also ensure that decisions taken at the meetings are followed up on. 

After every meeting, the minutes of the meeting are circulated to all parents and staff. The SLT (Senior Leadership Team) work along with the staff concerned to ensure effective follow up. 

Class Councils: There are over 100 parents who make up this body, with 2 representatives from each section across a grade. These parents also meet monthly with the Supervisor of the grade or the class teachers.  


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