Vaishnavi Gopal

My passage through Modern has been a wonderful journey of self-discovery for me. From an unsure stumbling little girl who entered the 3rd Grade in the Old School in the Al Safa area with the lovely line up of the light and dark blue buses totally unsure and nervous of whether l will be accepted by my peers and afraid of whether l will be able to keep pace with the academics. Fortunately for me my first teacher in Modern in grade 3 was a very loving and gentle person who helped me feel at home from day 1 and slowly but surely what was only a dream for me became a reality as the years rolled on until l completed my ICSE board exams with  very good percentage. This was the biggest achievement of my life and l was thrilled when I bagged "The Principals Special Award" from Mr. Bloud and Mrs. Khambatta who always believed in me and helped me through many difficult periods in my life. There were times when I had to miss school for over 6 months because of musculoskeletal surgery and rehabilitation and I thought that I would have to give up what l loved when l still remember Mr. Bloud saying "If Vaishnavi cannot come to the school. The school will come to Vaishnavi" and my classmates used to come home and update me on the lessons going on in class so that even after 6 months I never felt l missed much and I was able to catch up with the academics. Another milestone in my life at Modern was being offered a job in the library by Nargish mam which changed my life dramatically as l became an earning member of my family with my own bank account. This made me feel l was contributing to the school which had done so much for me and made me what l am. The Great role played by all my teachers and the teachers in SEN department will always be etched in my heart forever because without Prabha mam who first evaluated me and accepted me to Alina mam who saw me through grade 10. l will always be indebted. ln addition to these teachers there are so many other people who came to me as angels to help me and support me in my journey and that list is endless .Now as l look back it is heartening to note that l have helped open the doors for so many other differently abled children to find a completely inclusive school and that I have been an inspiration for so many. God bless you and God bless Modern. 


Vaishnavi  Gopal 

Assistant  Librarian   

GEMS Modern Academy 

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