Payment Policies

Information about Payments, Refunds, Re-enrolments and Withdrawals

Payment of Fees

  1. The Application Fee is payable at the time of the online registration, and is charged to process the application of new students. Once the child receives a formal offer from the school, the registration deposit is charged to enrol the child and secure the seat.
  2. If new students enrol at a school during the course of the academic year, the school can charge tuition fees starting from the beginning of the month of enrolment. 
  3. Tuition fees must be paid by the 10th of every month, and are collected in 10 installments except in the months of July and August.

Method of payment

Cash, cheque and credit card are accepted and payment can be made in person at the school accounts office or through the online parent portal. In addition to this, payments of fees and tuition can also be paid by wire transfer directly to the school bank account. (Provided upon request) 

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Non-payment of Fees

Students may not be permitted to appear for the school examination if their fees are not paid. Failure to pay school fees may result in a loss of the student’s place in the school, withholding of their school reports, references, and/or examination results, as well as, temporary or permanent expulsion or exclusion from school.


  1. In the case of both existing and new students, the registration and re-registration deposit will not be refunded unless there are extenuating circumstances. These circumstances include, but are not limited to relocation to another country/Emirate or any other unforeseen circumstances. 
  2. In the case of refund, the school fees will be calculated as follows:
    • Tuition fees paid prior to the beginning of the academic year are refundable and only the registration / re-registration fees will be deducted. 
    • If the student was enrolled in the school for two weeks or less, a month’s fees will be deducted.
    • If the student was enrolled in the school for more than a month, the full terms fees will be deducted. 
  3. The refund will be calculated from the start of the term and the date of the official request by the parent stating the intent of withdrawal and not from the date when the student was absent. Being on the school register counts as days in school.
  4. If paid with credit card or online, monies will be refunded back to the credit card. Cash payments will be refunded via cheque.  


Please note, students who are unable to be registered with the ministry due to missing required documentation, or students with an outstanding fee balance, will not be able to be re-enrol for the next academic year.


All students who wish to withdrawn from GEMS Modern Academy-Dubai must complete the online withdrawal process. A step-by-step guide on how to complete this process can be found ‘here’.

The completed Withdrawal Form (form here) along with a fee of Dhs. 120/- for the Transfer Certificate (which can be paid online) is to be submitted to the school office after the online withdrawal process.

If you would like to know more about the fee structure at GEMS Modern Academy, Dubai, please contact us on 04 326 3339.