Welcome to Middle School

Modern recognizes the middle years as a key developmental stage, not just a transitional phase. The ‘Middle Rising’ catchphrase (penned by our students) illuminates this focus on shared identity and ownership. The many initiatives born out of both student need and student voice, such as In the Spotlight, Sports Carnival, Modern Theatre festival, and Tahseen Awards for notable progress, offer opportunities for students to engage, collaborate, express, be celebrated, and develop a sense of belonging. Problem solving is a hallmark of the Middle Years as students harness the power of the Design Thinking Process to deepen understanding and to aid critical analysis in their Challenge based Projects. A strong focus on pastoral care underscores the nurturing needs of the pre-teen phase, and our school counselors ably support the supervisors and teachers in this endeavor, guiding students and families to enhance well-being.



Middle School Curriculum

The delivery of the curriculum in the middle school is a blend of CISCE Board regulations with internationally renowned best known 21st Century practices in teaching and learning.


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