List of School Facilities

GEMS Modern Academy has developed its campus and facilities over the years to offer a world-class range of options for students.

The facilities a school offers has a profound impact on both teacher and student outcomes. Bearing this in mind Modern’s facilities are responsive to changing times and the various styles of educational delivery. We aim to provide facilities that are an integral component of conducive learning, comfortable and safe for students.

Modern offers the following facilities:

  •        Five ICT Suites
  •        Four Computer trolleys
  •        S.T.E.M Lab
  •        Budhayana – The Spark Lab – Makers Space Innovation Centre
  •        Library for the Senior School
  •        Primary Learning Centre
  •        Discovery Centre
  •        IB Lounge
  •        Learning corridors
  •        Meditation Garden
  •        Planter’s Patch
  •        Sensorial Garden
  •        My Learning – The Learning Management System
  •        Infrastructure provision for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Regular checks and inspections are carried out and new equipment procured to ensure that our students have the best that is available.