Sustainable Projects

Riva Tulpule

Electronic Waste Recycling

This started out as a small community project in 2017, Riva ended up collecting and recycling 1.10 tons of EWaste in a month. In 2018 she was able to collect 3.4 tonnes and in 2019, it reached new heights as she put together a team of 7 friends and together they collected and recycled 20 tonnes of EWaste. The Ewaste was then completely recycled at Enviroserve plant in Dubai. 

Menstrual Hygiene

Inspired by the movie PADMAN - Riva decided to do something about the issue of lack of menstrual hygiene in India. In Diwali 2018, she collected funds by meeting people at Diwali, events and parties and adopted 700 girls from tribal area of Maharashtra and supported them with a 1 year stock of Sanitary Pads.  

She also spent a full day with the girls getting to know their problems and and is now working on the Diwali 2019 campaign called Smiling Feet. A campaign to support over 250 girls with a pair of shoes. 

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