Extra-curricular activities

Developing skills in new ways

The Performing Arts



Modern  is synonymous with its Musicals, which have always been the highlight of the calendar year for students, parents and visitors. Many in Dubai still reminisce about former productions like Cats, Hereos, Starlight Express & Seize the Day, and Saturday Night Fever. The annual Musical is presented alternately by the Primary and Senior School, giving both younger and older children exposure and a chance to shine in the limelight.

One-Act Plays and Dramas are scripted by our students themselves, who have gone on to participate and win at International School Competitions in the UAE.


Professional teachers have regular sessions with students, training them for choirs, inter-house music competitions and assemblies at School. Music is taught as a subject till Grade 6, while older students can train further at the Music Club, during their afternoon session.



Western and Indian Dance is very popular at the School. The Dance Club has specialist teachers, who encourage students to go beyond basic rhythm and dance in synchronization with thematic music.

Creative Communication

Debating, Elocution and Quizzing are a regular Afternoon activity, with the social winning laurels at national and international competitions. Our debating teams have won all major national competitions over the years and regularly place among the top three at the All-India Frank Anthony Memorial Debate, which has over 1100 schools participating in the event. Our quiz and elocution squads have consistently won national prizes over the years.

The Visual Arts


Art and craft at the modern High school is housed in a special wing, and is part of the regular academic programme at the School. Works of art of our pupils, both past and present, find pride of place in the foyers and offices of our School.

Clay-Modelling, Sculpture, Thread and Nail works, Wood Carving and Oil Painting are some of the activities taught during the club sessions. Many of these students assist with the creation of props and stage backdrops for the annual Musical and the Creative Festival, as well as the other programmes of the School.

Creative Festival


Creative Communication extends beyond the boundaries of the School, with the annual Creative Festival, the UAE’s largest and most popular literary and cultural festival. 13 Inter-School events including competitions in music, dance, drama, art and craft, public speaking, graphic design, quizzing and environmental awareness ensure that our students have a platform to test their talents.

The Creative Festival is held every October and includes Inter-Class, Club and Primary exhibitions and events, thereby ensuring that all students have a fair chance to express their creativity.

Sporting Activities


Modern encourages sports and physical exercise throughout the day. Regular P.E. classes are held during the morning, while sports and games are played during the ASIP programme. As part of this programme students are allowed to choose a game for the entire year, thus giving them opportunity to excel at their chosen sport.

In addition to physical development and the exploration of interests, students learn the thrill of challenge and competition, the importance of concentration and dedication, the spirit of teamwork and a sense of accomplishment.

The School has a shaded swimming pool, tennis courts, squash court, basketball courts, and a multi-disciplinary auditorium, among some of its sporting facilities.

Day Boarding School

We offer an exciting day boarding opportunity that gives students the chance to maximise their daily learning. Our day boarding programme is structured to include homework time, academic support time, snack time and activity time. Day boarding is held after school and activities are rotated throughout the year.

 To find out more about extra-curricular activities and/or our day boarding programme, please call us on 04 326 3339.